Current Parish Councillors

Your Parish Councillors

There are currently five Parish Councillors sitting on Keresley Parish Council. Use the slider below to see the sitting Councillors and find out more information about them.

We currently have two vacancies for a position on Keresley Parish Council. For further information please access our Blog Post.


Within the Keresley Parish Council, there are also a number of sub-committees. Below is a breakdown of which Councillors sit on which Committee.

If you would like to contact any of the sub-committees please first address correspondence to our Parish Clerk. Contact information can be found below.

Sub-CommitteeCurrent Members
FinanceCllr Gudgeon
Cllr Fisher
PlanningCllr Dille
Cllr Proctor
Cllr Fisher
Community Engagement & Environment Cllr Dille
Cllr Proctor
PersonnelCllr Gudgeon
Cllr Fisher
Cllr Proctor
Coventry Area CommitteeCllr Gudgeon
Cllr Fisher

Declaration of Pecuniary Interests

The Localism Act of 2011 requires Councillors to declare their ‘pecuniary interests’, as defined by the Act.

The Clerk has copies of these. They have been sent to Coventry City Council’s Monitoring Officer and are also published on the Coventry City Council website.

In addition, if an Agenda item on a Council meeting involves an issue with which they have a pecuniary interest, they must declare that in the meeting.

Links to these declarations below:

Standing Orders

Standing orders are the written rules of a local council. Standing orders are essential to regulate the proceedings of a meeting. A council may also use standing orders to confirm or refer to various internal organisational and administrative arrangements.

The standing orders of a council are not the same as the policies of a council but standing orders may refer to them.

Further detail of Keresley Parish Council’s Standing Orders can be viewed on this corresponding page.