Annual Parish Assembly 2023

All Parish Councils in England are required by law to hold an Annual Parish Meeting between March 1 and June 30 each year.

This year the Annual Parish Meeting for Keresley Parish Council will take place on Tuesday 18th April at Keresley Community Library.

This is NOT a Parish Council meeting, but will give the Council an opportunity to report what it has accomplished in the preceding year and what it has planned for next year.

Election Year
2023 is an election year and, following submission of Councillor nominations in April, there are not sufficient candidates to trigger an election and this is therefore ‘uncontested’. However there are at least two vacant seats on the Council, so if you have ideas for the Council’s contribution to this growing community and are interested in volunteering to join, please come along and meet the Council.

The Assembly will be followed by a brief Parish Council meeting to carry out a small number of business items.

The Agenda is available to view here

Keresley Link Road Community Briefing

On Monday 11th July, Allesley Parish Council and Keresley Parish Council hosted a Community event focused on providing local residents with an update on the Link Road planned in the local area.

Coventry City Council presented a briefing to local residents giving a quick summary of the new Transport Strategy, how this applies to the Keresley SUE and a more detailed look of the Keresley Link Road.

Following the briefing, they took questions from the audience covering a range of topics including the Link Road, other transport initiatives rumoured in the local area and other long-term plans.

The event was attended by approximately 50 members of public, Parish Councillors on Allesley Parish Council and Keresley Parish Council, Ward Councillors in Holbrooks and the local MP Taiwo Owatemi.

We know many local residents wished to attend but could not and so please see below the presentation slides from the day.

Keresley SUE Housing Developer Community Meeting

We were incredibly pleased to see the strong turnout at our Keresley Sustainable Urban Extension (SUE) Housing Developer Community Meeting on Saturday 25th June.

Keresley Parish Council were mindful of the incredibly strong feeling there is about planning and development in the local area and this was reflected in the ~70 members of the public who took the time to join us and ask several questions about developments in the local area.

During the meeting we received updates from:

  • Coventry City Council Planning Dept.
  • LSP Developments
  • Taylor Wimpey
  • Bellway
  • Richborough Estates
  • Lioncourt Strategic
  • David Wilson Homes (Transcript Only as apologies sent)

After hearing from the speakers, we had approximately 45 minutes of questions from members of the public.

We know many local residents wished to attend but could not and so please see below the presentation slides from the day.

The Parish Council noted several questions that were raised regarding the development of a Link Road within the Parish. A reminder that we have been in discussions with Coventry City Council about a dedicated session on the Link Road, and can confirm this has now been scheduled.

A Community Briefing Event event will take place at 7pm on Monday 11th July at Corley Village Hall. Details below and feel free to indicate your intention to attend via this Facebook Event Page.

Keresley Link Road Briefing

Coventry City Council – Transportation and Highways

7pm 11th July 2022

Corley Village Hall

Church Lane


More info on the Keresley Link Road can be found in a briefing document below we have been given permission to now share.

If you attended our event on the 25th June but there was not enough time for your question or you were unable to attend but have a question now, please email and we will pass it onto the respective developer for answering.

Finally, thank you to The Hare & Hounds Keresley, for letting us use their room to host the event!

Parish Assembly & Annual Parish Meeting

All Parish Councils in England are required by law to hold an Annual Parish Meeting between March 1 and June 30 each year.

This year the Annual Parish Meeting, Parish Assembly and Ordinary Parish Council Meeting for Keresley Parish Council took place on Tuesday 10th May at Keresley Community Library.

It was attended by Parish Councillors Fisher, Cllr Dille, Cllr Middleton; Ward Councillors Birdi, Cllr Jandu, Cllr Keogh and five members of the public. The meetings were Chaired by Councillor Gudgeon and administered by the Parish Clerk.

During the Parish Assembly, the Chair delivered the Chair’s Report for 2021-22, which can be found here. In the Public Forum, matters in relation to community engagement, contact with the local MP and new residents were raised.

During the Annual Parish Meeting, Councillor Gudgeon was re-elected as Chair and Councillor Fisher was re-elected as Vice-Chair. Congratulations to both on their re-elections to these Council Posts!

This was immediately followed by the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting, which took the standard agenda of the monthly Parish Council meeting.

During the Democratic Half-Hour, local development and planning dominated the questions with note made to the fact that the Planning Committee have been responding to several applications that have recently been released and also securing extensions where sufficient time has not been given to make a response.

Also referenced was the recent campaign to save a Cedar Tree within the local Parish. This continues to be a matter of great concern to local residents.

Minutes for the meeting can be found on the Meetings Page.

The next Parish Council Meeting will take place on Tuesday 14th June.