Who pays for Keresley Parish Council?

Keresley Parish Council is comprised of Councillors who are all volunteers and unpaid for the time they contribute to the Council. However, in order for the council to fulfil its duties, it receives an annual amount from tax revenue known as a “Precept”. This is collected under Section 101, Part 6 of the Local Government Act 1972.

The precept is an amount set by a Parish Council in order to pay for costs contained within a set budget. Additional funding may also be obtained by bids for a grant or by sponsorship.

Further information on this can be viewed on the Precept page, however each year the Parish Council sets a budget in order to provide services for the local community.

What does the Budget cover?

Details of the anticipated costs of Keresley Parish Council can be found in the Annual Budget below. This is generated on an annual basis and covers the predicted outgoings of the Council for the upcoming financial year. Typically, costs within the Budget will cover the following areas.

Annual Fixed Expenses

For Keresley Parish Council the largest expense is that for the employment of a Parish Clerk having a salary in accordance to an agreed scale.

Payment for an annual Audit each July is needed.

In order to hold regular Parish Council meetings Venue Hire is required.

Parish Councils are required to have Third Party Insurance cover.

Parish Councils are required to have a Website.

Subscriptions  which are relevant to parish business are needed. Keresley Parish Council has subscribes to WALC and the CPRE.

Training as needed by both Councillors  the Clerk in order to keep abreast of current needs and legislation. This is usually provided by WALC.

Payment of Election Costs during an election year.

Other Expenses

Wreaths Each year on Remembrance Sunday members of the Parish Council attend services at both the local  Parish Church, Saint Thomas, and at the Coventry War Memorial Park to place a wreath on the war memorial.

Keresley Parish Council Annual Budget

The Annual Budget for Keresley Parish Council for the 2022/23 financial year can be found below.

The Annual Budget for 2023/24 was approved at the Parish Council meeting on 10 January 2023 and can be found below: