What is a Precept?

The Precept is an annual amount set by a Parish Council in order to pay for costs contained within a set budget.

The precept is the main source of tax revenue available to parish councils. It is collected under Section 101 part 6 of the Local Government Act 1972.

Historically, parish councils were able to raise a ‘rate’ from the time of their establishment under the Local Government Act 1894. Rates were levied on  non-domestic and domestic property. In 1993 the Council Tax was introduced following the introduction of the Local Government Finance Act 1992.

Keresley Parish Council is obliged to set a precept. This is discussed during the January Parish meeting , after Coventry City Council have announced  the Tax Base set for the Parish of Keresley following The Local Authorities (Calculation of Council Tax Base) (England) Regulations 2012 rules. The agreed precept amount is then submitted to Coventry City Council.

The Keresley Parish Precept is then collected from parishioners by Coventry City Council, along with the main Council Tax, and passed on to Keresley Parish Council.

How much do I actually pay?

The amount paid annually is based upon the Council Tax band set for the property in which you live. The precept is collected by Coventry City Council along with the council tax and passed on the Parish Council.

The tax band is  based on what the value of your property would have been on 1 April 1991. If your property didn’t exist in 1991, it will be compared to similar types of properties in the area.

Band A –    6/9 Band D – £25.64

Band B –   7/9 Band D – £29.91

Band C –   8/9 Band D – £34.19

Band D –   9/9 Band D – £38.46

Band E –  11/9 Band D – £47.00

Band F –  13/9 Band D – £55.55

Band G –  15/9 Band D – £64,10

Band H –  18/9 Band D – £76.92

Which tax band am I in?

If you are unsure as to which tax band the property you live in falls, go to this government web site and enter your post code:

Precept 2021-2022

This is set to the equivalent of a property having a Council Band D tax value, currently: £38.46

The amount received via Coventry City Council in April 2020 for the year 2021-2022 was £11,892.07 plus a grant of £1391.00.

The amount received is the precept times the number of equivalent Band D properties within the Parish published by Coventry City Council. For 2021-2022 this number was 309.2.

The grant received is because the method of precept calculation was changed several years ago which would have resulted in a loss of income to the parish. At some stage these annual grants may be withdrawn.

For information on how the Precept will be used, this can be viewed on the Budget Page.

YEAR 2024-2025

Approved-2024-2025 Budget

This is set to equivalent of a property having a Council Band D tax value, currently set at £23.55 (18% Reduction) from the previous year.