Jubilee Wood Action Day 2

Volunteers helping to restore Jubilee Wood

Thank you to all of the volunteers and Joe at Coventry Park Rangers for all of your help today at the Keresley Jubilee Wood Action Day 2. It was a really productive session!

There were 7 of us in total finishing off the bramble removal in the Orchard Area. That will be enough bramble removal for now as it is important to still retain some around the wood for nesting, food etc.. Large piles of brambles have been made, which will rot over time.

We also planted around 75 Bluebell bulbs around trees along the eastern footpath – keep your eyes out for when these flower. Earlier in the week, Coventry Park Rangers replaced a rotting gate post at the entrance.

Please do visit the wood and let us know what you think!

The transformation of Jubilee Wood is progressing very well, but of course there is still much more to do. Watch this space for the date of the next session where we will be doing some different activities and we would love for you to get involved.