Community Engagement

Community Engagement is a crucial element of a Parish Councils activities as the Parish Council are elected officials, in place to represent the views and perspectives of all members of the local community.

To receive these views it is important that engagement is a two-way process, providing the local community with various choices to engage with Keresley Parish Council and vice-versa.

Though we do now live in a more digital world, it is important that Parishioners have a variety of ways to engage with the council, whether that is via email, telephone or in person.

The Keresley Parish Council Community Strategy document is intended to help the Council reach its aim to establish a strong, active and inclusive community. This must be done in consultation with members of the community and also guide how we demonstrate that interaction.

The document provides an overview of Keresley Parish Community as reference information. It subsequently goes on to set out Keresley Parish Council’s Community Engagement Aims, Role, Engagement Tools, and other useful information relevant to Community Engagement.