Planning: Objection to PL/2023/0001155/OUTM

Keresley Parish Council is placing its objection to this planning application for the following reasons:

Road Safety

The Tamworth Road, as we are very aware, is a very busy road, and in the vicinity of the proposed development the maximum speed limit is 40 mph. The proposed access to the site is 70m from the existing junction with Fivefield Road. Approaching the proposed entrance to the development, northbound on the Tamworth Road at approximately 100 m the view of the proposed access is obstructed by ‘vegetation’ on a regular basis. The Road Safety Audit document dated April 2023 clearly identifies this. Also, it identifies that northbound traffic on the Tamworth Road WILL NOT see stationary vehicles IN A LIVE LANE as they approach. This is surely an accident waiting to happen! This is very concerning to the residents of Keresley. The document also dismisses the control measure of introducing a ghost lane to move the stationary vehicles waiting to turn into the development. This would be a sound control measure that has been dismissed. In addition, this has not even been mentioned in the Coventry City Council Highways consultation document dated 27/06/2023. Rather than the suggestion they ask the landowner to ‘manage’ the vegetation. 

Public Transport

The Highways Consultation document clearly identifies that the public transport to serve the proposed development is only available three times a day! How can this be a sustainable option for residents who are seriously considering the environment when they make their transportation choices. This gives the proposed residents no option but to use their own vehicles, possible for single occupancy use journeys. Why are Coventry City Council Planning and Highways departments advocating that this is acceptable with contributions to S106 funding? 

Keresley Parish Council strongly objects to this planning application on the grounds of road safety, inadequate public transport provision and the subsequent environmental impact.  

Cllr Tracy Gudgeon
Chair Keresley Parish Council