Parish Councillors are unpaid elected representatives of the community. Elections to be appointed to a Parish Council take place every four years.

For more information view the Elections page.

Standing Orders

Standing orders are the written rules of a local council. Standing orders are essential to regulate the proceedings of a meeting.

A council may also use standing orders to confirm or refer to various internal organisational and administrative arrangements.

For more information view the Standing Orders page.

Current Policies

Keresley Parish Council have established and maintain a comprehensive list of Policy and Procedural documents which inform our activities.

These include a Code of Conduct, Health and Safety Policy, Election and Co-option Procedure, Staff Appraisal Policy and Complaints Procedure.

The full index of Policy and Procedural Documents can be found on the Policy and Procedure Index page.

Code of Conduct

Section 28 of this act requires the Parish Council to publish a Code of Conduct. It states;

A relevant authority must secure that a code adopted by it  is, when viewed as a whole, consistent with the following principles—

  • (a)  selflessness;
  • (b)  integrity;
  • (c)  objectivity;
  • (d)  accountability;
  • (e)  openness;
  • (f)  honesty;
  • (g)  leadership.

The current Code of Conduct for Keresley Parish Councillors can be found on the Code of Conduct page. This details the manner in which councillors will act under the requirements of the Localism Act.


As part of good governance Keresley Parish Council maintains an Asset Register of all items owned by the Council, and a Risk Register to ensure that anyone interacting with the Council is safe and staff are protected whilst conducting their work.

The current Asset Register and Risk Register information can be found on the Registers page.