Code of Conduct

Section 28 of this act requires the Parish Council to publish a Code of Conduct. It states;

A relevant authority must secure that a code adopted by it  is, when viewed as a whole, consistent with the following principles—

  • (a)  selflessness;
  • (b)  integrity;
  • (c)  objectivity;
  • (d)  accountability;
  • (e)  openness;
  • (f)  honesty;
  • (g)  leadership.

The current Code of Conduct for Keresley Parish Councillors can be found on the Code of Conduct page. This details the manner in which councillors will act under the requirements of the Localism Act.

All Councillors are expected to sign the Code of Conduct on Election or Co-Option to Keresley Parish Council. Copies of this are maintained by the Clerk.

A sample of the Code of Conduct can be seen below.