As part of good governance Keresley Parish Council maintains an Asset Register of all items owned by the Council, and a Risk Register to ensure that anyone interacting with the Council is safe and staff are protected whilst conducting their work.

Details of both can be found below.

Asset Register

The Council manages an Asset Register of all items owned by the Council. The purpose of the Asset Register is to;

• Record the current location of assets which can moved i.e. benches. 

• Record the initial cost and current value of each asset to support the Annual Financial Statement.

• Support insurance claims in the event of theft or damage.

• Demonstrate due diligence with regard to publicly funded assets.

• Ensure each item is recorded correctly in the insurance policy.

Assets need to be inspected yearly to determine whether any expenditure is required for budgeting purposes.

The current Asset Register can be seen below:

Risk Register

The management of risk is an important part of the Council’s work; making sure that the people who use our facilities are safe, giving the staff the protection needed for their work, and protecting the assets that the Council hold.

Risk assessment happens all the time, but once a year, the Council brings the information together and collates it in a single document.

Keresley Parish Council has insurance with Zurich Municipal to protect against these risks.

A copy of the certificate may be downloaded here.

The current Risk Register is below.